Thursday, February 7, 2013

Danish study finds modern psychoanalytic therapy effective in treating personality disorders

Carsten René's book
on personality disorders
A new study, conducted by the psychology department of Aarhus University and the Clinic for Personality Disorders at Aarhus University Hospital, offers evidence that modern psychoanalytic therapy is effective in treating Personality Disorders. The study has been a run for the last seven years and was led by Carsten René Jørgensen who is a professor at Aarhus University. In the study, two versions of modern psychoanalytic treatments were compared but they mainly differed in intensity. One treatment was mainly a group therapy and the other group therapy combined with more intensive weekly sessions of individual therapy. The latter form resulted in better outcome where patients achieved a higher level in functioning, but both forms of therapy where highly effective. In order for the treatment to be successful it needs to be administered by well trained professionals and requires two years of therapy, sometimes longer. 85 patients have started treatment connected with the study of whom 65 have finished treatment. It is estimated that 10% of the danish population is suffering from personality disorders and around 2% of severe personality disorder, according to study.


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